Office Life In A Pandemic Enviroment

The Covid-19 pandemic process is predicted to continue until the end of 2022. Delivery provides companies with a safe working process by reducing contact in the office within the scope of Covid-19 preventions.

What is Delivery?

Delivery, Within the Scope of Covid-19 Preventions

Delivery is a mobile application that facilitates the food and beverage service in the office life. Especially in the Covid-19 process, it is indispensable for meetings that should be held in the office environment by minimizing face-to-face communication and contact.

With the help of Delivery users can order anything and everything to their desks in a matter of minutes.


What does it do ?

Fully Customizable

Manage users, meeting rooms, staff members and what is there to be ordered

Enable Social Distancing

Order and communicate while minimizing interaction and interruption during meetings

Track Orders

View the status of your pending orders and get regular reports to optimize your business

Made Just For You

Delivery can be customized according to your company’s needs and integrated into different platforms such as Microsoft Teams. Delivery can be accesed by only users that you define. Add your own menu, meeting rooms and staff members. Made just for your company and its needs.

Delivery ensures that the requirements needed in all processes within the company are delivered to the personnel in charge via instant notifications. In this way, the waiting time is minimized. No disruption occurs in ongoing processes.

User Stories

Let's say you are in a meeting and want some coffee but you don't want to interrupt the meeting, just scan the QR code to see meeting room's menu then order with ease. Users can see their most recent orders status and give feedback to delivered orders.

Ordering Made Easy

With an easy to use interface, users can order with just a click of a button and keep track of your most recent orders

Give Feedback

With Delivery, it is possible to give feedback on the quality of your past service, rate your order time.

Admin has the broadest authority in the application. The company has access to the management panel and can make many adjustments.

Create rooms & menus

Admin can define company branches and meeting rooms in these branches to the system. separate menus for each meeting room can be created. These rooms and menus can also be edited or deleted later.

Define users

Users belonging to different roles within the company can be defined. The user can be assigned to the relevant meeting room(s) according to his role.

Analyze Your Performance

Evaluate your user votes and on-prem statistics in reports prepared specifically for you.

Latest orders is shown to staff members real time. Staff members can see each order in detail and confirm when delivered thus allowing users to track their order's progress

Real Time Push Notifications

With almost instantaneous real time push notifications never miss an order.

Performance Tracking

Track staff members response and delivery times. Get regular Power BI reports to optimize and analyze.


Power BI Reports

Custom-made Power BI reports allows you to analyze your data, track your delivery statistics and service quality

Real Time Data

We utilized WebSocket technologies to create an almost instantaneous system


Made just for you, with your company’s personality in mind


Microsoft Teams, Jira, Ticketing applications and much more can be intagrated with Delivery

Push Notifications

Send instantaneous or timed notifications to inform users


Develop once with React Native and use on every mobile platform


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